The Power of Core Values & the Impact of a Hand Grenade

My boss welcomed me into her office & shut the door. I had no idea that meeting was about to deliver the impact of a hand grenade. “Welcome to OUR company. We’re glad you’re here,” she greeted me. She quickly moved to a topic sacred to her & to the… Read more


Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness? Start by Asking These 5 Questions.

Communication. Is it just me or is it really lacking in the workplace? The #1 challenge when two or more people are working together is… Read more


Make This Quarter Count. Align.

Is everyone aligned with the #1 thing that needs to be accomplished this quarter to move the company forward?* Do they even know what it… Read more

Changed Life

A vulnerable conversation from 1995 that surprisingly went viral in 2017…

“What do you do for a living?” I was asked by another soccer dad on the sideline. I wanted to lie. I was unemployed in… Read more

Outward Focus

Mind Whiplash for Overcoming Stage Fright: Focus Outward vs. Inward

A comment card from many years before was tormenting me again… “Gary is better 1-on-1 than in speaking in front of a crowd.” My take:… Read more


Address These 4 Questions & Unlock Greater Opportunities for Growth…

Besides success, what did Hugh McColl & Sam Walton have in common? They walked among their troops. They personally sought frontline input. Management ALWAYS sets… Read more

Executive Health

Four Questions to Evaluate the Health & Alignment of Your Executive Team*…

Looking for ways to help realize your company’s growth goals? Here are four questions to evaluate the health and alignment of your executive team: 1)… Read more


So, What if Yours is “Brand D”? Try this…

Don’t panic but ponder this: Our minds are filled with ladders. Unfortunately, there are only three rungs on each category ladder that really matter. I’m… Read more

Soccer Team

3 Powerful Business Lessons from a Colombian Superstar Turned Coach…

To everyone else, Hugo Galeano (#4) was a Colombian soccer superstar. To my son and our family, he was a defining and positive influence who… Read more


Three MindShifts for Turning Setbacks into Triumphs…

Setbacks. I don’t know any goal-oriented person that loves them. They delay us. They frustrate us. They can derail us. Or, they could become an… Read more

What’s Keeping Your Company from Scaling?

Is there something going on in your company that is slowing down growth, making it not fun to come into work, or creating tension within… Read more

Learn to Win by Racing

The Grand Canyon looks very different in person than it does on a map. Like the Grand Canyon, there are some things that just have… Read more

Winning Team

Build a Winning Leadership Team

One of the most important things an Entrepreneur or CEO can do is build a strong leadership team.  Even in solo sports, such as professional… Read more

Create Your Epic Win

What is your crystal clear vision of the future? What are you and your team building toward? What is your Epic Win™? Get this one… Read more

The Power of Setbacks

At 40 years old, I was in the best shape of my life. I had just turned Pro as a mountain bike racer and I… Read more

Your Team Craves Accountability

Accountability is a very interesting topic. When engaged by the CEO, one of the top wish list items for the company to accomplish is the… Read more

Why Growth Initiatives Fail – Energy, Time, and Money

I have taken a few months off from blogging to work on a book that will be published early summer called The Breakaway Move, Entrepreneurs’… Read more

Owning Errors Makes You Faster

A lot of things can happen in a two-hour mountain bike race. Sometimes it feels like the competition AND the trail are both conspiring against… Read more

Let Routines Set You Free

Life is crazy and it conspires to make us and our teams as inefficient as possible. Constantly chasing people, chasing information, chasing prospects, etc., gets… Read more

How Will You Double Your Business?

It’s getting cooler outside, leaves are falling, and it’s now Annual Planning season for your business. Interest rates have been low, unemployment rate is around… Read more

Scale Your Sales

One of the most amazing aspects of being a Business Coach working with growth companies is seeing patterns and issues that most companies face. For… Read more

Create A Personal Race Plan To Win

It’s hard to win a race without a plan. This is pretty much true whether you are lining up in a mountain bike race with… Read more


Why Settle for Networking When We Can be Connecting?

What is the first reaction you have to the word, “networking”? Is it positive or is it negative? What about the word, “connecting”? Do you… Read more

Become a Lead-Generating Machine

The sales process starts with the ability to generate leads, aka people who have an interest in learning more about your business. It’s the inability… Read more

Stop Reviewing Your Employees

Performance reviews suck for so many reasons. Entrepreneurs avoid them, because there are way too many other things to do. Managers rarely do them right,… Read more