How to Build a Winning Leadership Team

Your leadership team can make or break your business. But how does a company find and attract the right people to lead their employees? It can be a difficult challenge. You want the most talented, innovative, and inspirational leaders you can find. But to do that you need to show potential employees not only that your company needs them, but they also need your company.

Great leaders want to be challenged. They enjoy innovation, and thrive in a workplace where they can take ownership. Using methods such as The Four Decisions ™, Team Innerviews and Core Values, potential leaders (within your organization and without) will see your company as a business that cares about their team and its future.


The Four Decisions

When growing any part of your business, including your leadership team, there are four decisions you need to get right or risk it all falling apart. Developed by Verne Harnish, the CEO of Gazelles, the Four Decisions can help you survive, and thrive, in today’s competitive markets. The Four Decisions are: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. Building a leadership team is the focus of People.


1. Don’t Settle For Mediocre: Turnover doesn’t look good. Don’t hire or promote someone who doesn’t fit. You may need the position filled as soon as humanly possible. But if you have a leader who is not confident, underperforms, and can’t fill the role you gave them. You lose time, money, and most importantly, the confidence of the team under the leader who is struggling.

Do yourself and that person a favor. Don’t hire or promote them. Not only do you lose out, you created a situation where a potentially talented employee has lost their confidence and your other employees can react adversely to that as well.

2. Attract the Best by Being the Best: Top talent will seek out a work environment they see as challenging and exciting. A company that — no matter its size — challenges its peers and is an active authority in its industry will show potential hires and current employees their dedication and confidence when it comes to innovation.

3. The Work/Life Balance is Deadly Important: Too many companies take advantage of high-performing employees who strive for excellence. Allowing employees to work themselves to burn-out (and we’ve all seen it happen to someone we know), doesn’t help anyone. Your employee’s mental, physical, and emotional health will suffer, and this can affect your other staff as well. Your leadership team needs to set an example to ensure all employees have time to enjoy a life outside of work.

4. A Team of Clones Will Stagnate: Diversity is key. Different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs will provide a leadership team with different ways of looking at the same problem, hitting it from multiple angles.

5. Build Your Base: Your initial leadership team is going to need the most training and attention from you, because from them all other training comes. Spend extra time with your initial team to ensure they know everything you need your next wave of leaders to know. Ensuring you can concentrate more on your business once the initial training is complete. Just make sure to set aside time for any new lead team members to get to know and welcome them to the company.


Team Innerviews

One-on-one Conversations With the Team to Uncover ‘Issues and Themes’:

Ensure you take time with your leadership team to talk openly about their and your concerns. “Communication Is Key” isn’t just a cute saying. There needs to be a safe way for your leadership team to come to you with problems they can see that you can’t. Make sure to implement Team Innerviews at least once a month.

Core Values

Redefine or Establish Memorable Values for Your Foundation: Every company has Core Values. Have you defined yours? What is it you believe in? What is it you strive to do? Look at the philosophy of a company like Google and you’ll see a set list of defined values. Having one set will give your leadership team something to strive for, and will allow them to set an example for the rest of your employees.

A winning leadership team doesn’t just happen. It takes careful planning and rock solid structure to attract the perfect combination of employees you need. We can help you build your plan and customize it for your organization’s unique goals and challenges. Book a consultation with us today!