Sales and Marketing are Changing

With smartphones more powerful than the computers. NASA first landed on the moon, and a web of social media that spans the globe, we’ve become a society that thrives on instant gratification.

It’s survival of the fittest, and if you don’t adapt, you won’t last. This is evident in the fast-moving world of sales and marketing.

In the not-so-distant past, the only way to get a product into a consumer’s mind was to bombard them with ads through print, television, and the web. But times have changed and people have learned to tune out the ads they pass by every day.  

These ignored ads are called Interrupt Marketing: 

  • From loud television commercials that slow your show-watching binge
  • To internet pop-ups that halt your online shopping,

Interrupt Marketing is frustrating to consumers.

This style of marketing can also be expensive, with larger overhead such as design, airtime, and production costs. With websites like Facebook that charge you per view or click, the costs add up while producing little revenue for your business.


Permission Marketing

Doesn’t interrupt your day because you entered into an agreement to be marketed to. This is the age of the smartphone. Whether you volunteer your e-mail at the store or sign up online to get coupons, this style of marketing is based on your actual interest in the product or service.

The reason this style is a more cost effective choice? You’re marketing to people who already want your product, rather than to everyone.

In his marketing videos, Seth Godin discusses whether or not your subscribed customers would actually miss you. In order to better understand this, you must ask yourself:

  • Have you gained the permission of your customers in a real and engaging way that appeals to them?
  • Are you ignored after you get their initial permission?

That is, are your customers actually looking for more information about your product? Answering these questions will give you a better understanding of your audience so you can develop the perfect strategy to engage them.

Godin explains that in order to get people to remark about your product, you have to develop a strategy where people will want to talk about your product. They will want to discuss your commercial, and your coupons! They will want to recommend your product or service to others.

To keep consumers talking:

  • You will need agility to stay one step ahead of them
  • And adapt to consumers’ changing behaviors with a quickly revised strategy.

Whether you offer a new product or incentive to buy, your consumers need to feel like you understand their needs at all times.

With the increase of social media devices, online marketing has exploded into an advertising powerhouse. Permission Marketing taps directly into the right audience for your advertising. Once you’ve developed a strategy that can engage your audience before and after the buying process, your business has the potential to become remarkable!  

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