Feel like the weight of the organization is all on your shoulders?

Working longer hours than ever? Has complexity increased while freedom & fun have diminished? CEOs & management teams: It’s time to distribute the load!

Identifying & assigning accountabilities throughout the organization is critical to lightening your load. Here are a few items found in the Rockefeller Habits Checklist that deal with Habit #4: “Every facet of the organization has a person assigned for ensuring goals are met.”

  1. The Function Accountability Chart (FACe) is completed (right People, doing the right things, right).
  2. Financial statements have a person assigned to each item.
  3.  Each of the 4-9 processes on the Process Accountability Chart (PACe) has someone that is accountable for them.
  4. Each 3-5 year Key Thrust/Capability has a corresponding expert on the Advisory Board if internal expertise doesn’t exist.

Insight CXO helps bring clarity and alignment to people, strategy, execution & cash flow in measurable sprints across the organization — from the management team on down.

*Verne Harnish created the “Rockefeller Habits” based on the leadership and management principles used by John D. Rockefeller. #4 of 10 Rockefeller Habits.

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