Scaling Up Process

Scale Your Team. Scale Your Company. We have the expertise to help you do both. 

Is your biggest concern with getting the right people in the right seats on the bus? Click here to see how we can help you Scale Your Team.

Do you have a solid team in place but want help in improving team alignment, focus, and execution while having more fun along the way? Here’s how the Scaling Up Process works:

1) We have an introduction meeting with you. We learn about you, your desires, frustrations, etc. We’ll briefly cover our flexible framework and The Scaling Up Process.

2) Once your “hot issues” are identified, we’ll prioritize them with you so we can tailor our approach to your unique needs and give you clarity on pricing, timing, next steps, etc. followed by a formal proposal.

3) Once the proposal is mutually agreed upon, we’ll begin working with you and your management team in preparation for a 2-Day Kick-Start.

4) The 2-Day Kick-Start. Here’s where the fun accelerates. that will bring alignment, focus, and executional next-step clarity. It is an intense and highly productive two days that will get the flywheel of change moving.

5) Depending upon the level of service you choose, we’ll be with you monthly, quarterly, and annual providing hands-on facilitation to drive greater levels of performance throughout your company to ultimately provide you more freedom and fun as you scale up.

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We leverage a proven framework that has been implemented by over 20,000 entrepreneurs and executives around the world.  Based on the Gazelles 4 Decisions™(People – Strategy – Execution – Cash) and Rockefeller Habits developed by Verne Harnish, Insight CXO helps entrepreneurs drive results by creating full company engagement and execution of rock solid and crystal clear growth strategies.

How is Insight CXO unique?  Most coaches and consultants are good at advising or coaching the entrepreneur but do little to engage the rest of the business.  We believe the fastest way to drive sustainable results is to get everyone aligned using the Gazelles One Page Strategic Plan while simultaneously building a culture of execution and accountability throughout the business.When is the last time your management team or employees actually asked for more accountability and clearly defined KPI’s and metrics?  This is the dream of most entrepreneurs.  This is the reality for Insight CXO clients.  A client once said, “This is not just coaching, this is coaching on steroids”.

How the planning process works:

Team Innerviews

One-on-one conversations with the team to uncover ‘Issues and Themes’.

Core Values

Redefine or establish memorable values for your foundation.

Core Purpose

Clear definition that answers the difficult ‘Why’ question.


Define inherent Strengths, inherent Weaknesses and Industry Trends.

Core Competencies

What is your firm uniquely good at doing?


The Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  Where is your North?

3-5 Year Targets

What are the winning moves to double your business?

3-5 Year Initiatives

What actions will be taken to hit the Targets?


Clearly define the space we want to own.  Be #1 or #2 in.

Brand Promise

How are you uniquely positioned in your market in a measurable way?

1 Year Targets

Where do we want to be in one year?

1 Year Initiatives

What actions will be taken to hit the Targets?

Critical Number

What is the number one thing everyone should be working on?

KPI’s / Metrics

How will we measure along the way?

Relationship Drivers

What should we be focusing on to accelerate growth?

Productivity Drivers

What processes should we focus on to increase profit?

Quarterly Targets

Where do we want to be in one quarter?

Quarterly Initiatives

What actions will be taken to hit the quarterly targets?

Quarterly Themes

Connect the employees to the One Page Plan.


Management Accountability Plans for individual team members.

The Four Decisions™

In addition to the structured planning process, Insight CXO will teach and guide you through the Four Decisions that every entrepreneur must get right to maximize the value of your firm.


Getting the right people, in the right seats doing the right things right.

Topgrading – Build an organization committed to hiring and retaining A players.

Create solid and consistent recruiting processes.

Manage with Core Values.

Clearly defined roles and accountabilities.


Implement the Gazelles One Page Plan.

Leverage thought leadership in strategy development.

Winning moves to double the business.


Metrics and KPI’s.

Meeting Rhythms (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual).

Red / Yellow / Green indicators.


Cash flow forecasting.

Cash conversion cycle.

Forward looking reporting.