What is EOS

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) is a complete business operating system. EOS is a model, a process and a toolbox that helps entrepreneurs achieve their vision, gain traction and build healthy teams. You will go from frustrated business owner to confident entrepreneur.
1,000’s of successful companies use EOS to get everything they want from their businesses.

The EOS Model® is complete system, methodology, and process for sustainable growth.  A typical client is a business with 10 to 250 employees who wants a bigger and brigher future.

By strengthening the Six Key Components of The EOS Model, you can reduce the complexity of your business and ultimately get everything you want from it.

EOS Model

The Six Key Components

    • Vision.  Crystallize your vision and make it a reality in your business. You need to answer 8 simple questions and get it shared by your entire organization.
    • People.  We cut through all the jargon, A-players, superstars, top-quartile, etc, and define what great people in your organization are and then work to get them in the right seats.
    • Data.  We will teach you how to start managing your business on the numbers.  This will give you a complete pulse on the business and create a culture of results and measurement.

When your vision is clear, your people share your values and are in the right seats, and you are managing the business using data, your issues just rise to the top.

    • Issues.  We teach every client a method to solve issues so they never come back.
    • Process.  The secret ingredient to building a scalable business is documenting your core business processes and getting them followed-by-all with absolute consistency.
    • Traction.  Create discipline and accountability necessary to execute on every aspect of your vision.  We do that with meetings and Rocks.


EOS Process

The EOS Process® is designed to make the tools and disciplines sticky within your organization. It is time-spaced learning that allows you to learn the tools and practice them over time. No more flavor of the month.

If you decide the process is a fit for you and your organization, we will move forward with a Focus Day®.  During the Focus day, our facilitators will take you through a discovery exercise to customize your Accountability Chart of roles and responsibilities.

Then, we will set your first round of Rocks, or 90-day priorities.  From there we will install a meeting pulse in the business, and identify your key performance indicators with your scorecard.


30-days after Focus Day we go into Vision Building® Day 1. 30-days after that, we will have Vision Building Day 2.  During the Vision Building days we will start building and clarifying your vision.  Our facilitators will take you through a discovery process to get you and your leadership team 100% on the same page with the answer to the following items:

    • Core Values
    • Core Focus®
    • 10-Year Target
    • Marketing Strategy
    • 3-Year Picture®
    • 1-Year Plan
    • Rocks
    • Issues List

Then we meet once per quarter and for a two-day annual session for 18-24 months or until you are at least 80% strong in the EOS Model.  During this time we are working on creating team health, executing on your vision, and driving accountability throughout the organization.  The EOS Process is guaranteed.  If you don’t get value out of a session day, you simply don’t pay.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System contains The EOS Toolbox ®. These are the twenty tools that help you get everything you want from your business.

Throughout The EOS Process®, we teach clients to master the tools to achieve vision, traction, and healthy.

We customize these tools to meet the needs of your business.  80% of the battle is the Five Foundational Tools of EOS.

The Five Foundational tools:

    • Vision/Traction Organizer®.
    • Accountability Chart
    • Rocks
    • Meeting Pulse
    • Scorecard

EOS Toolbox

EOS Library

The EOS® Book Collection

The Entrepreneurial Operating System has a collection of five EOS books to address issues at every level of your business.  It all starts with Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman and concludes with What the Heck is EOS? by Gino Wickman and Tom Bouwer.

Insight CXO implementers will help you and your team implement the concepts in the Traction Library so you can get everything you want from your business.