Company Performance Flatlining or Missing Financial Goals?

  Are sales flatlining or even increasing while cashflow and profitability are declining?
  Can current company performance & strategy survive the next downturn?

We have the tools, experience & perspective.

Team Alignment, Focus & Accountability Not up to Par?

  Individual performance & silos are thriving but when was your company’s last big GROUP win?
  Is your team aligned with the #1 priority this quarter? Do they even know what it is?

We help teams scale, align, focus & execute.

People, Processes & Complexity Sucking the Life Out of You?

  Does the lack of people and process systems make you feel like you are herding cats?
  Do management team meetings and drama leave you more frustrated than energized?

We can help bring the freedom & fun back.

Insight CXO helps mid-market companies scale up, align, focus & execute. What sets Insight CXO apart?

 We are not selling a software solution

• We don’t give you a computer program, expect you to do the work, and watch it magically fix your company issues.

  We know “one-size fits all” doesn’t

• We don’t force you into a cookie-cutter protocol. We custom-tailor our proven framework to address the unique needs of YOUR company based on size, stage and growth plans.

  Self-implementation isn’t our way

• It is hard to read the label when you are inside the jar. We provide the outside perspective & confidence to scale up faster and easier. Self-implementation can’t match it.

Hands-on Facilitation

We drive alignment, focus and execution.

Starting with the management team, we use our proven framework that is flexible and customizable, we tailor solutions that are unique to your company.

You know you must grow to keep the business alive. But reorganizing and adding managers, new space, launching new products, entering new markets….. it’s just not working.

Everyone is feeling the pressure, and the great culture you thought you had is cracking.

You are not alone, we’re here to help every step on the climb to your Breakaway Move

A Proven Track Record

Since the early 90’s we’ve been running successful businesses and refining our views on how best to overcome challenges and destroy the barriers to consistently attaining goals. We’ve learned to cut through the complexity.

Insight CXO listens to the issues and custom tailors a program for your team using a framework proven in our own businesses.

We’ve Been There, Which is Why We Can Help.

Meet the Insight CXO team….

Do Something About It

Are you a coachable CEO running a mid-market company in the Southeast and “good enough” isn’t?

Are company frustrations mounting?

If so, DO SOMETHING about it. Check out The Scaling Up Process or cut to the chase and contact us for an intro call 704-936-0457.

  Work with us. Get clarity and proficiency in these areas and more: 

• Core Purpose, Core Values, Core Customer
• 10-Year BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
• Strategy and Brand Promise
• 3HAG (3-Year Highly Achievable Goal)
• People planning and Systems
• Cash acceleration
• Rockefeller Habits
• Annual Goals / Priorities
• Quarterly Goals / “Rocks”
• 13-Week Sprint
• Communication Rhythm
• Personal Accountability

Contact Us to Discover and Implement Your Breakaway Move

The hardest step is often acknowledging you could use the help. 

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